Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Bad Credit!

We can help you if you have bad credit, or even no credit at all. Ensales will help you build strong credit scores from all credit reporting bureaus by getting you approved for a bad credit car loan.

We are passionate about helping people with bad credit get the auto loans they need and find the affordable transportation they deserve!
"The most important thing for a young man is to establish credit - a reputation and character."
-John D. Rockefeller

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Tesla Wants to Pay Hackers a Full-Time Salary to Break Its Cars

Computer hackers, call off your salvos against Microsoft and stop trying to wreck our blog: Break in […]

Unapologetic Hamptons Woman Backs into Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche 911 RSR while He Watches

Jerry Seinfeld had a bad day in the Hamptons when a woman backed her BMW into his street-parked 1973 […]

World War II Bomb Blows Up the Autobahn

Authorities in Germany detonated a 1100-lb bomb leftover from World War II. The explosion left a 65- […]

Tesla Expands Eight-Year, “Infinite-Mile” Model S Battery Warranty to EV’s Powertrain

As announced by Elon Musk himself, henceforth the same eight-year, infinite-mile—that’s “unlimited” […]

This is What Happens When You Sex Up the Tesla Model S... Even More

Steve Saleen says his changes to the Tesla Model S in the form of the Saleen FourSixteen make it sou […]

The DB Is Dead! Long Live DB! Aston Martin Trademarks DB10 through DB14 for Future Models

Aston Martin products are in for some big changes in coming years, but their DB-based naming strateg […]

Kurt Busch Unabridged: On Running a Double, His Separation from Penske, and More

Kurt Busch has long fascinated NASCAR fans because A) it’s commonly agreed that he’s a superlative d […]

“M Initiation”: 2015 BMW M4 Drifts Through M History in Rad Video

BMW seems big on drifting these days (so are we, for the record), as evidenced by last month’s “The […]

Hellsnake? Supercharged V-10 Viper Rumors Swirling in Detroit

When Dodge placed the 707-hp Hellcat V-8 in the Challenger SRT and the Charger SRT, it threw a littl […]

Your Mileage May Vary: 2015 Ford Mustang Fuel-Economy Figures Leaked for V-6, EcoBoost Models

Fuel-economy ratings for certain 2015 Ford Mustang models are out, and V-6 buyers will be slightly d […]

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